Quay Accounts Exeter can take away the burden of bookkeeping from you.

Keeping accurate records is a very necessary and time consuming part of any business, however it has to be done. It is not only a legal requirement but more importantly bookkeeping is the key to the successful running of your business. Like most busy local business owners, you no doubt get around to it when you can, and it is always a chore!

Here at Quay Accounts in Exeter we can help you with all aspects of your bookkeeping. We will input all your business records onto our computers, where we then produce all the control accounts and reports that show you what you are owed and what you owe.

We will also offer help with allocating your expenses, reconciling your bank accounts and solving any VAT/Inland Revenue issues you may have. We will also produce periodic accounts and reports, which will show you exactly where your business strengths and weaknesses are.

The accounts we produce for you can be presented to your bank or credit agencies should it be required. In fact, they will be your official Profit and Loss/Balance sheet, but monthly or quarterly. Don’t wait a year or more before you know your trading position. It could be too late by then!

If you would like more information or an informal, no commitment chat, then get in touch with us today, either by phone or our contact form. Our bookkeeping services for local businesses doesn’t cost as much as you might think and will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.


“Working with Quay Accounts feels like they are members of our team at ‘The Exploding Bakery’ – These guys do our bookkeeping, payroll and accounts, everthing, they help us stick to our business – cooking cake.”

Oliver Coysh: The Exploding Bakery Ltd