So you have an idea….

You have begged, borrowed and stolen enough money to start and you are contemplating giving up the day job.

Before you make that move, or if you are launching currently, now is the time to get the advice of well-seasoned professionals.

Starting a business is an exciting, overwhelming, tiring and thrilling adventure.  If you are considering starting your own business, with Quay Accounts you are in capable hands.  We have years of experience helping a diverse variety of businesses.

We do not pull punches – expect your idea to be pushed and pulled to make sure it has wings.  Giving up a dud idea at this stage could save you heartache and lots of money!

3 main choices of operation:

Quay Accounts can advise you on the type of operation based on your individual circumstances.  Taking time to get this right will get your new venture off on the right foot.  The following links supply more information on each choice.

1)         Sole trader

2)         Partnership

3)         Limited company


How can we help you?

Any business needs to be controlled.  It is great having ideas, but these ideas need to be given structure and tethered.

Timely information is key and at Quay Accounts, that’s what we provide.  If you don’t know your sales and your expenses are out of control – you’re not going to be in business long.

Employ the services of Quay Accounts and receive the benefit of a dedicated team, who will be behind you all the way.

We can take the burden of bookkeeping and if you decide to employ, payroll can be outsourced to us too.

In short, as your business grows – our service offering grows with you.

So what are some of the questions facing a start-up?

Can I do this myself – or do I need others?  If I do need others, what do I do about employment contracts?  What taxes will I need to pay?  When do I need to inform HMRC of my new business?   What must I do to remain compliant with all the requirements of HMRC?

Once your fledgling business is operating, you need to know – what are my sales now and where are they going?  Am I profitable or do I have a realistic chance of being profitable?  Am I charging enough?  What do I need to do to break even?

Management accounts

If we are supplied paperwork in a timely manner Quay Accounts can provide monthly management reports – now that tells you exactly how well you are doing.

Quay Accounts will celebrate your successes and help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of a new venture.  Leave Quay Accounts to get on with organising your books so you can get on with running your business.

Give us a call!

If you are ready to take the next step – and would like some advice and encouragement.  Make that move today call or fill out the feedback form provided.  Good luck and happy trading.