What is a limited company?

A limited company is a separate legal entity.  With a limited company the liability is limited to the company and not the individual.   

A common mistake is that the limited company is treated as an extension of the sole trader model and money is drawn as and when you like.  With a limited company there are very strict rules about how directors extract money from the business.

Q.)  So do the tax and limited liability benefits outweigh the extra cost, hassle and paperwork involved?

A.)  At Quay Accounts we are well placed to advise you about this course of action.  We are not biased and will assess on an individual basis.

For our established clients we offer a full, comprehensive offering for the limited company.  We are looking at sets of accounts and dealing with limited company issues all day, every day.  So we are well placed to advise you and look after you and your company.


Can I benefit from a limited company?

Yes – limited companies can still be used as a vehicle to reduce the overall amount of tax paid.  Generally the benefits are greatest for those who are high net individuals.  A limited company can often be viewed as a more credible business than a sole trader.


How can we help you?

Let us account for your limited company within our accounting systems.  We deal with your bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and taxation issues.  We will seek to optimise the use of your limited company and realise the benefits.


Management accounts

If we are supplied paperwork in a timely manner Quay Accounts can provide monthly management reports – now that tells you exactly how well you are doing.


Give us a call!

Let Quay Accounts help with red tape and the burden of accounting for your company.  Let us deal with your tax affairs and the accurate reflection of your performance,call us now for a free one hour consultation.  We can handle the red tape – so you don’t have to.