Payroll Services

Payroll is an area that can worry a lot of local businesses the most and is an area you need to get right every time to avoid upsets with your staff.

It also consists of a large amount of government legislation, which you, as an employer, are expected to know. It’s not possible for you to be expected to know everything in this field!

Just to administer the rules, the UK government employs thousands of people specialising in each of the various areas. You need to concentrate on your business, your customers, your suppliers and so forth…


Let Quay Accounts in Exeter help you out.

All you will need to do is tell us how much you want to pay your employees, be it hours worked, or salary and we will do the rest. You may usually pay weekly or monthly and this is no problem, just let us know which day per cycle you normally use.

Holidays/sickness, stakeholder pensions, the list goes on and on, but we will deal with it all. The year-end forms alone can be a nightmare, but we’ll sort it for you.

We’ll produce the payslips – you just give your employees the money. This service is not expensive; in fact it’s surprisingly affordable.

See our pricing page for full details. 

If you wish to discuss further what we, as a locally based firm of accountants in Exeter, can do to help with your payroll, simply call us or use our contact form, we’ll take it from there.