Sole Traders


Why would you want to be a sole trader?

Firstly, it is the most simple business trading structure.  There is less red tape than limited companies.  No need for routine meetings and dividends.  What you make is yours to take, but don’t forget the pending tax bill!

The downside is you are less protected than a limited company, which can put your personal assets, including your house, at risk. 

Our accountants can advise further on the use of this structure and help assess if it suits you and your individual circumstances.


The highs and lows of a sole trader….

Being a sole trader has its highs and lows, like any business – but how much you make and the business you design is uniquely yours.

It can be a lonely journey, one where you might want ‘an ear to bend’, or expert help with the bookkeeping and remaining compliant. 

Quay Accounts has been there and done that, we have helped numerous sole traders over the years on the route to profit.

We are not a one size fits all business – we know that each sole trader is unique.  They have individual needs and need an individual service.  We will tailor our offering for you.


What are some of the issues facing you?

We recognise many of the issues facing the sole trader from start-up to maturity.  Issues like – why are my staff so unpredictable and often unreliable?  We realise that in most cases that the motivation must come from one person – rather than several people or a team.  So how do I have a holiday?  Who can I trust with my business?  What do I do about sickness?  Who is going to cover while Julie is having a baby?  How am I going to increase my revenue?  Where is my next sale coming from? And how am I going to have a life outside my business? The list goes on…

Quay Accounts looks beyond the numbers to see the individuals and their daily concerns.  We don’t have the magic answer to every question – but we are firmly in your corner and we are experts in our area.  We know what it means to struggle.  And we know what it means to reap the benefits.


How can we help you?

Quay Accounts is on hand at every stage of your business development.  We will deal with the HMRC and to that end we will file your self assessment tax returns, produce your accounts, deal with your VAT and your payroll.  We will celebrate and commiserate and try hard to take as much hassle away from you as possible.

With Quay Accounts you are not dealing with a faceless business and we have a genuine concern for your individual business needs.  Some of the sole traders we have helped are hairdressers, electricians, builders, mechanics, delicatessens and sandwich shops to name a few.  They all face different issues and all bring their own personalities. 

We like to think we bring our own unique personality to business and that you will enjoy working with us. Follow this link to see some of the comments from our satisfied customers


Management accounts

If we are supplied paperwork in a timely manner Quay Accounts can provide monthly management reports – now that tells you exactly how well you are doing.


Give us a call!

Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your business goals.  Let us do the donkey work– so you don’t have to please call us now or fill out the feedback form provided.  We are firmly in your corner.