Avoid Being Named and Shamed….

Oct 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

The news is that 115 companies neglected to pay the national minimum wage, which amounted to more than £389,000 due to workers.

Monsoon – the largest firm on the list – is in the number one position for failing to pay £104,508 to 1,438 workers.

The government now have the capabilities of quickly identifying what can be simple admin errors.  And the media are quick to pounce on this.

So the example of Monsoon it would seem is a sign of the times.  All of the 115 companies would have to reimburse their staff but would also have had to pay fines and penalties.


So as a business operator there are three main things to watch if you are operating a minimum wage policy:


1)      Every October the National Minimum Wage rates go up – be aware of this and be on top of it.


2)      Every April the National Living Wage will go up.  At the moment only affecting age 25 and over.


3)      Watch out for birthdays – raising a member of staff into a higher wage category.



The government computer systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated.


As government agencies become more linked up they will be sharing information more freely between themselves.  And so we expect to see a further crack down on companies who operate poorly.




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