Happy New Year – 2016

Jan 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

Let’s face it most of us make them and then break them – so that by now most have been broken!!


I thought I would give 3 New Year’s resolutions that will help your accountant and your business keep good accurate records – and keep you sharp at the same time….

You have all fallen asleep haven’t you…..well each tip promises to save you money too – now I have your attention!!


1)      Keep ALL bills.  

More Bills/Expenses = Reduced profit and reduced tax bill

                   More Bills/Expenses = Reduced VAT bill to pay too


2)      Get your records together early.

Send them to your accountant as soon after your year end as possible.  This will help you plan more effectively for the tax bill you are going to have and give you the assurance you can take an expense holiday this year.


3)      Drink more coffee. 

This will keep you alert and able to make swift, decisive business decisions.  It’s cheaper than alcohol and if you and your staff drink it while working you can claim for it through the business as a canteen expense – thus reducing your profit and thus your tax bill.  Please see the following HMRC guide for more details >>>> {HMRC – EIM21671}.


There you go – that was painless – I did not ask you to cut out anything you like and your accountant will be far more good natured if you follow the above.

We at Quay Accounts wish you a very prosperous new year.  We are here as your accountant to cheer you on and rejoice in your successes and save you money.  So let’s hope 2016 is a great year for you and your business.



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