Maintaining Balance – Post Brexit

Aug 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

“Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving”.  Albert Einstein


This is certainly true for small business at any time.


Times change and we must change with them – never is this more true now.  Following the Brexit vote we have been through a period of uncertainty and turbulence as Britain enters its brave new world.


But as with anything we keep moving and we keep our balance.  It is said of accountants that they never grow old – they just go out of balance.

So in the  interests of sanity let’s look at ten – yes ten positives following brexit >>>>


1.     British goods should be more sought after by Europe and America etc with a more favorable exchange rate.

2.     The country will be well placed to look after its interests – Legal, Political and Economic independence.

3.     The pound will never become euro’s.

4.     British identity will be strengthened eventually due to a new sense of self!

5.     An end to austerity as the government scales back its belt tightening measures post brexit.

6.     Less red tape from Europe – this will impact most areas – including accountancy.

7.     The opening of new markets for the UK – giving more opportunity.

8.     A boost to the domestic tourism industry as less people visit other countries, due to increased costs of travel abroad.

9.     An overall greater self-reliance on home grown goods and services.  Boosting domestic demand.

10.          Small is beautiful.  We may be smaller away from Europe.  But perhaps microbusiness can thrive by seeing opportunities and reacting quickly.


I think most people are now on the same page – whether you voted for or against.  Now we are in pre post brexit Britain – a good dose of positive thinking seems the order of the day.  Those businesses that can see the benefits and keep moving regardless will be those that do well.  The British have always been seen as battlers who carry on regardless with a little humour to keep on keeping on.  Some things never change!


Quay Accounts is on hand to discuss how brexit might be affecting your business.  We are in business to help your business thrive.


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